From Dairy Innovation: We All Need Help

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Source: Dairy Innovation

We all know that there are times when we all need help. This is very true with animals as well. In extreme emergencies we work hard to save as many lives as possible. In a way, a dairy farm can be like the emergency room in a hospital during a difficult time. Farmers and veterinarians are trained thoroughly to make the best decisions during an animal emergency.

One of these times happened to me not too long ago. I just happened to be walking through the barn when a cow was calving. As always, I went to check on her to make sure everything is normal. I noticed that the calf was coming out the correct way, except the sack that the calf is in during pregnancy wasn’t off. Which meant that the calf couldn’t breathe because there was something covering its entire face.

I had to jump into the pen and break the sack and pull it off the calf’s nose. I was just hoping I wasn’t to late…. Lucky for me I wasn’t. Without my help this calf never would have lived. I also would have missed this great moment!

Saving a Life

This calf almost died because of an emergency during the birthing process. Luckily I was there and acted quickly.

Everyone needs help sometimes and that includes animals on a farm. Farmers work very hard to make sure everything goes right and that no life is lost.


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